Improve Productivity, Accuracy & Reliability

Did you know that over 20 hours a year of productivity are lost by an employee who arrives late, extends a break or lunch or leaves early?

  • Easy & Reliable Labor Management
  • Automatic & Accurate
  • Employee Scheduling & Reporting Made Simple
  • Keep Employees Connected

❶ Easy & Reliable Labor Management

Our timekeeping helps you operate a more efficient and effective workforce.

❷ Automatic & Accurate

Our time and attendance, including GPS time tracking, is integrated with payroll, so there is no more manually tracking and keying employee hours.

❸ Employee Scheduling & Reporting Made Simple

Manage and access reports on employee schedules instantly, accurately and from anywhere.

❹ Keep Employees Connected

Employees can stay connected to your business by accessing and reviewing hours, requesting time off and viewing check stubs.

• Web and Biometric Time Clocks
• GPS Timekeeping Mobile App
• Scheduling
• Time & Attendance Dashboard
• Employee Missed Punch Correction
• Company In/Out Board
• Time Card Approvals
• Approaching Overtime
• Job Tracking
• Track Breaks & Lunch
• Report Tips
• Piece Work
• Shifts
• Exception Tracking
• Robust Reporting