Hiring Made Easy

Now you can welcome new hires, eliminate manual processes, and fully manage the collection of employee information with PayrollHubs’s Employee Onboarding. New hires are informed and ready for the job on day one, with paperwork, forms and information completed, electronically signed and delivered.

  • Personally Welcome New Hires
  • Go Paperless
  • Improve Productivity

❶ Personally Welcome New Hires

New hires receive a welcome message from your company and can view important company documents prior to their first day of work

❷ Go Paperless

Each new employee can electronically complete federal and state withholding documents and I9, important company documents and policies, as well as complete direct deposit account information.

❸ Improve Productivity

Onboarding electronically allows new hires to gain a better understanding of the company policies and start contributing sooner to your organization.